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richomme florenceHi! Welcome to My Parisian Kitchen.

My name is Florence, I'm a French woman living in Paris and I just love cooking. You might have guessed that. For me, cooking is a great pleasure as well as a way of discovering, creating, giving, sharing and bringing convivialité, good time with people.

It's amazing for French people to see how French cuisine fascinates and seems so difficult for foreigners. A few years ago, after becoming friendly with a Japanese mother who was forever asking me questions on food and France, we decided that the best and the more practical way to answer her question was to start cooking lessons. Little by little, while I stopped working to take care of my 3 young girls, I developed those lessons for many Japanese ladies living in Paris with the idea of going further than just listing the necessary ingredients and showing the techniques. Each lesson was filled with all kinds of explanations on the history, the produces, the customs...

It was a great experience and I'm sure that many of you, wherever you may be, are also interested in getting a better understanding on cooking. I'm convinced that we remember and absorb better if we have fully understood what we've done and why we've done it, and if our interest has been piqued. Then we're able to make recipes or techniques our own, to talk about what we've cooked and go further than just reproducing.

Therefore, for most recipes, I will try to explain the origin of the dish, the region, the culinary custom, the produce and products... You will find both easy and quick to prepare every day recipes and more sophisticated ones. I always try to make them very easy to read, understand and execute, with step by step instructions or explanations for specific difficulties or basics you should know.

My Parisian Kitchen is a bilingual blog for those of you who, in France or elsewhere are interested in cooking, be it French or otherwise.

I've just started the blog about 2 years agow now. There'll be more recipes as time goes. So let’s keep in touch. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or if there is a specific subject you would like to read about. Follow My Parisian Kitchen on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, subscribe to the newsletter and share the link to you friends, for more easy French recipes.


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