Quinoa Pie Crust in 2 Ingredients

Quinoa Pie or tart Crust, gluten free & no fat

Great for savory tarts or quiches, very tasty and healthy as this crust is gluten-free and with no fat. Here is how to make an incredible quinoa crust with only two ingredients, quinoa and egg (may be replaced for vegan version) and super easy to do. 

Homemade fresh mint syrup

Homemade fresh mint syrup

Super quick and easy. And natural with no food colourings and no preservatives. Few ingredients, just water, fresh mint and sugar. The result is a very refreshing drink with a nice bright mint flavor or aroma without being too sweet.

Conversions and Measures

While the French measure the amount of solid ingredients by weight, most Americans measure in volume, using measuring cups and spoons.
And we, poor Cartesian French that we are, get completely lost when reading a recipe in English.

Pie Crust Step By Step

There are many different recipes of pie crunch: with or without butter, with or without almond powder, with different proportion of ingredients, adding the ingredients in different orders - the flour first or at the end -, handmade or using a food processor...
I choose this recipe, from Christophe Felder, because it is simple and easy to roll out.

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