As you might have noticed, the French always talk about food. As a consequence we have hundreds of expressions related to dishes, ingredients, utensils... As we often use or hear them, we don't necessarily pay any attention but literally translated in English, many of them can seem so strange or even absurd. There is always an explanation.

Why do the French say "Raconter des salades" (to tell salads)

To Tell Stories or Tales, literaLly "to tell salads"

I promise I won't be "telling you salads" in this blog ! I read a lot, do research and double check everything I write. "To tell salads" means to tell stories, a complex mixture of exaggerated anecdotes or inventions rather than just a harmless lie to fill a gap in a story.

Why do the French say "Avoir du pain sur la planche" (have bread on the chopping board)

To Have a Lot to Do, a Lot in Your Plate, literally "to have a lot of bread on the chopping board"

I simply had to start this section with this expression because with all the things running in my mind that I would like to share with you, I'm far from being done! This expression means to have a lot of work to do, with tedious tasks, while this blog is a lot of work of course, it is also pure pleasure!

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