Herb Tabbouleh with Quinoa

For tabbouleh lovers, especially if you like it with lots of fresh herbs, here is a recipe where quinoa replaces couscous or bulgur.

I’m mad about Lebanese tabbouleh with LOTS of fresh herbs and lemon. I would eat toms of this. I decided to switch couscous or bulgur for quinoa. And it turned out very tasty and interesting with a white, black and red 3 colors quinoa blend.

As for Lebanese tabbouleh, use freshly squeezed lemon juice and fine olive oil. Use different fresh herbs. I suggest flat-leaf parsley, mint and cilantro. if you don’t like cilantro, use 2/3 parsley and 1/3 mint. Feel free to add other fresh herbs of your taste if you want. I selected a red onion for its sweetness but you may replace by shallot or chive.

Preparation time: 20 min Rest: until quinoa cools down
Cooking time: 10 min
Quantity: 6 shares
Specific equipment: none

120 gr quinoa
1 bunch of flat-leaf parsley
1 bunch or mint
1 bunch of cilantro
2 tomatoes
1 small red onion
Olive oil (about 10 cl)
Lemon juice (1 to 2 lemons)
Salt and freshly ground pepper

Cook and drain quinoa. When quinoa is cold add chopped fresh herbs and minced tomatoes and onion. Combine and season.

Start by cooking quinoa (the approximate 10 minutes time depends on your quinoa). Drain in a sieve, pour it in a dish and stir together the quinoa and one tablespoon of olive oil. Let it cool down.
When quinoa is cold, prepare the other ingredients. Remove the stems from herbs and finely chop leaves. Very finely mince onion (or shallot) and cut tomatoes into very small cubes. Combine those ingredients with quinoa. Add salt and pepper. Season to your taste with more or less lemon juice and olive oil.
Serve chilled. Bon appétit!