Lamb’s Lettuce and Beetroot Mixed Salad

Salade de mâche et betterave cuite

This salad, very rich in omega 3, vitamins and minerals, should be prescribed by the doctor!

Lamb’s lettuce (or corn salad) season is the ideal moment to enjoy this easy and quick to prepare salad, which is very rich in minerals and vitamins. Great in this cold period and good for your health. Very fresh and colorful, it combines both crispy and melting textures, mild and tangy taste at the same time.

Lamb’s lettuce sounds like a strange name (I read its name is suppose to come from the shape of the leaves, looking like lamb tongue!). But In French also, even if the common name is mâche, there are tons of cute or strange nicknames depending on the region of France.

I think lamb’s lettuce and beetroot works very well together. Here is a suggestion of mixed salad and dressing.

Salade de mâche et betterave cuite

Lamb's Lettuce and Beetroot Mixed Salad

Prepare the dressing. We wash and cut all ingredients. Then assemble.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
Course Salad
Cuisine French
Servings 4 shares


  • 150 gr lamb’s lettuce corn salad
  • 1 large cooked beetroot
  • 8 radishes or a big radish if you find other varieties that classic pink radish
  • 1 shallot
  • 1 handful of pine nuts possibly replace with walnuts


  • 5 cl raspberry vinegar possibly replace with balsamic vinegar
  • 10 cl olive oil
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper


First prepare dressing:

  • In a bowl, pour in vinegar.
  • Add salt and pepper, then stir. Pepper dissolves better in pure vinegar.
  • Finally add olive oil and stir again.

Then prepare vegetables.

  • Wash lamb’s lettuce, using successively several water if necessary because lamb’s lettuce is often quite sandy. Cut the bases each bouquet of lamb’s lettuce, where the leaves join, because this part is less pleasant to eat and is quite difficult to wash. Don’t hesitate to discard damaged or yellowed leaves. Dry the leaves (using a lettuce drainer, clean cloth or paper towel).
  • Wash radishes, cut off the ends and mince thin strips. Peel beetroot by removing the top layer and cut it into small cubes. Finely chop shallot.
  • Place lamb’s lettuce and minced shallot into the bowl with the dressing. Mix. Then arrange on top beetroot cubes and radish slices. Sprinkle bread nuts before serving.
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Bon appétit !

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