Rillettes de maqueeau

A very tasty spread, full of omega-3, easy to prepare, to serve on bread toasts or as a dip with raw vegetables. Add your own twist by adding the spices of your choice.

A few information on the recipe:

  • For mackerel you can choose fish in different preparations, which will of course have an incidence on the difficulty and the preparation time.
    1. Use whole fish: cook them and remove flesh but then I recommend to peel the skin and discard bones when fish is still hot, it’s much easier.
    2. Ask the fishmonger for filet, this is the easiest I believe.
    3. Use smocked mackerel or already cooked mackerel fillets, depending on what you can find in your country.
  • Cream cheese may be replaced by any other fresh cheese, yoghourt, or vegetal yoghourt (not too liquid though). You can also do half cream cheese and half yoghourt (it’s lighter).
  • Add ingredients little by little to the fish so that you can adjust consistency (more or less creamy with more or less cream cheese) and taste according to your taste (more citrus, more spices…)
  • Serve as a spread on toasted bread or with a bunch of crunchy raw vegetables (such as carrot, cucumber, fennel, mushroom…) for dipping.

Ultra facile et rapide à faire : ici avec du fromage blanc pour conserver les saveurs du maquereau mais possible avec du Saint Möret pour un rendu plus onctueux.Apéro Rillettes de maquereau

Ultra facile et rapide à faire : ici avec du fromage blanc pour conserver les saveurs du maquereau mais possible avec du Saint Möret pour un rendu plus onctueux.


Preparation time: 15 min
Cooking time: about 10 min depending of the kind of fish you choose
Resting time: Fish to cool down
Quantity: 1 bowl of spread for 6-8 servings
Specific equipment: none

2 mackerels (about 750 gr each which makes about 220 gr of flesh) or 4 mackerel fillets
100 to 150 gr cream cheese (Philadelphia for example)
3 tablespoons lemon juice
a dash of olive oil
1 shallot or spring onion
salt and pepper
Optional: spices of your choice (curry, turmeric, paprika …)

Cook fish. Gradually combine flesh with the other ingredients.

Start by cooking mackerel
Several options as previously written: either cook fillet or whole fish in the oven (ideally wrapped in aluminium foil with a dash of olive oil and lemon) or use a steamer, my preference.
The cooking time is quick: 5 to 10 min for fillets, 10 to 15 min for whole fishes (time depends of course on the size).
When still hot, discard bones and skin to keep the flesh. Then let the mackerel cool down.
Make the spread
Finely chop spring onion (or shallot) and chives.
In a food processor (or in a bowl with a fork) mix mackerel flesh, cream cheese and spices. Gradually to get the consistency and flavors you prefer. Add the lemon juice and a dash of olive oil to give roundness to your preparation. Then add chopped onion and chives. Taste and adjust seasoning: add salt, pepper, eventually more spices or lemon juice.

Apéro Rillettes de maquereauApéro Rillettes de maquereauApéro Rillettes de maquereau

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