salade de tomates fraîches et tomates provençales

Provençal and Fresh Tomatoes Mixed Salad

Two textures : flavorful fresh tomatoes and iconic tomates provençales, almost candied give a wonderful twist to this mixed salad.
Tian provençal de légumes d'été

Summer Vegetables Provençal Tian

All the of flavors of South-France Provence in this elegant and delicious vegetal dish. With my secrets for well cooked and and not dry vegetables.
tarte rustique aux champignons de Paris, feta

Button Mushrooms Galette

The French call this galette tarte rustique lit. rustic tart as it's quick and with no fuss, The star ingredient : champignons de Paris / Paris mushrooms.
Focaccia aux tomates cerises pour l'apero

Focaccia with Cherry Tomatoes and Herbs

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Gorgeous a apéro / appetizer pre-dinner drink or instead of bread. The dough is generously soaked with olive oil, it giving its amazing taste and texture.
croque monsieur bien gratiné et très gourmand

Authentic French Croque Monsieur

Those classic ham and grilled cheese toasts are beloved all over the world but in France too! I show you the easy way to prepare them.
The ultimate French bechamel sauce

Homemade Bechamel Sauce

French iconic creamy white sauce. you'll see it's so quick and easy, you'll be able to prepare it for many different dishes.
poireaux vinaigrette un grand classique en entrée

Leeks in Vinaigrette - French Poireaux Vinaigrette

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Iconic recipe in France and a fabulous veggie starter. Delicious vegetables served with vinaigrette French dressing. Classic, simple but so actual.
risotto crémeux à la courge butternut et au parmesan

Butternut Squash Creamy Risotto

For risotto lovers, this one have a nice twist wuth squash, so comforting and colorful. A must taste, quite easy to prepare.
cake au thon, feta et tomate confite

Tuna Savory Loaf with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Feta

Savory loaf called cake salé are classic homecooking treats in France, flovored with all kind of ingredients. We love it with tuna.
filet mignon de porc à la moutarde de Dijon

Pork Tenderloin with Dijon Mustard

Classic French homecooking dish, with 2 ingredients only. Filet mignon is simply coated with lots of Dijon mustard and cooked. Tender meat, flavorful sauce.
La véritable recette de quatre-quarts breton

Quatre-quarts Pound Cake from Brittany

French kids afternoon snack staple, quatre-quarts as its name means is made with 4 ingredients of equal quantity, nothing more. Simple and delicious.
quiche aux épinards et aux lardons

Spinash and Bacon Quiche French Savory Tart

A savory tart for kids to eat green vegetables, for spinash lovers or simply for quiche lovers like me, the perfect French homecooking dish in my opinion.
generous apple tart with norman cream filling

French Norman Cream Apple Tart

The French love tarte apple tart. Here is an easy old-fashioned apple pie generously garnished with apples with a decadent custard from Normandy.
Soupe poireaux pommes de terre façon Chef Bernard Loiseau

Leek and Potato Soup from Chef Bernard Loiseau

A soup, two textures, tender leeks in a smooth potato soup, nicely flavored by leek cooking juices and chicken broth. Without bacon for a vegetarian soup.
Daube de bœuf provençale à l'orange

French Daube Provençale Beef Stew with Orange

Daube provençale de bœuf à l’orange. Almost like the iconic bœuf bourguignon, this beef stew from South France Provence is slow-cooked in red wine. I like to add orange for a modern twist.
oven baked apple with saffron

Oven Baked Apples Flavored with Saffron

Comforting baked whole apples incredibly tasty as they are flavored with only Two ingredients: brown sugar and saffron. A French homecooking classic.
salmon rillettes dip with cream cheese and chive

Salmon Rillettes with Cream Cheese and Chive

An ideal do-ahead spread for a lovely appetizer, very simple and quick to prepare. all you need to do is cook salmon, combine with cream cheese and season. Serve on fresh baguette or as a dip.
oven roast chicken with sweet potatoes and onion

French Sunday Roast Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

Sunday oven-roasted chicken is a tradition in France. Here with a nice twist: on a bed of sweet potatoes instead of potatoes. It gets a bit caramelized. Delicious…
Flan au brocoli et au curcuma pour le déjeuner

Brocoli and Turmeric Flan French Crustless Quiche

Ideal as a main dish with green salad, as starter or side, very flavorful and healthy. Same as a quiche with no crust, flan is a classic of French cuisine.
French galette des rois Epiphany king cake with lemon filling

Galette des Rois King Cake with Lemon Filling

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No classic French frangipane almond cream filling in this king cake. 2 puff pastries garnished with a fluffy lemon cream: lemon curd mixed with pastry cream