Pâte brisée à l’huile d’olive et au romarin

This pie crust have is interesting because 1/ it’s Mediterranean favors are incredible. It taste just like being in Southern France 2/ it’s very easy to roll out.

The pie crust may retract a little bit at the beginning of the rolling out process. But soon it becomes very easy to roll it out, even very thinly. And another great thing is that you can set it in your tin using your hands, without being afraid that the crust rips.

This recipe is perfect for your savory tarts, pies or quiches. I like to prepare Mediterranean vegetables tart (eggplants, peppers, and zucchinis), the French classical tomato tart, and even savory upside down Tatin tart with this olive oil and rosemary pie crust.

Chop rosemary leaves more or less finely according to your taste. You may also replace rosemary by thyme.


250 gr flour
1 teaspoon salt (5gr)
4 cl olive oil
1 egg
8 to 10 gr fresh rosemary leaves (≈ 3 sprig)
6 à 10 cl water

Rest for 1h30min before rolling out.

pate brisee olive romarin 02

Prepare and measure all ingrédients.

pate brisee olive romarin 03

Finely chop rosemary leaves with a kitchen knife.

pate brisee olive romarin 04

Combine flour, salt and rosemary chopped leaves.

pate brisee olive romarin 05

Pour in olive oil. Mix again.

pate brisee olive romarin 06

Then add the egg. Miix again.

pate brisee olive romarin 07

Progressively pour in water until you get a nice ball.

pate brisee olive romarin 08

Film and let it rest in the refrigerator for 1h30mn.


Remove 5 min in advance from the refrigerator and roll out.

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