crêpe à la farine de châtaigne

French Crêpe Batter with Chestnut Flour

These French-style crêpes thin pancakes have a little twist as they are prepared with chestnut flour. It gives an incredible taste, a must try.
cookies with cranberries and chocolate

Fresh Cranberries and Dark Chocolate Chips Cookies

Cookies with a French twist. Dark chocolate chips and fresh cranberries, getting tanguy once baked, delicious in those crispy outside, soft inside cookies.
cake marbré au chocolat gâteau le Fraternel créé pour le secours catholique

Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cake – French gâteau marbré

Gâteau marbré is a great classic of French homecooking. Both simple and decadent, the ideal cake to give to kids for afternoon snack or for tea time.
Rhubarb and Blackcurrant Muffins

Rhubarb and Blackcurrant Muffins

Poppy seeds are often seen in lemon cakes. I wanted to give a twist to another flavor, and with oranges it's gorgeous. With a syrup to be super-moist.
Orange and poppy seed cake

Orange and Poppy Seeds Cake

Poppy seeds are often seen in lemon cakes. I wanted to give a twist to another flavor, and with oranges it's gorgeous. With a syrup to be super-moist.
cake ultra moelleux au citron pour le goûter

Moist Lemon Loaf Cake

Ultra-moist and lemony cake. The secrets? A bit of cream or yoghurt in the dough and lemon syrup poured over the cake when still hot.
Gaufres French Waffles

Gaufres French Waffles

This is the perfect recipe for light waffles both fluffy inside and and crisp outside. For kids breakfast or snacks ... but not only!
gâteau au yaourt à la poire et au chocolat

My Childhood’s Yogurt Cake with Pears and Chocolate

The ultimate French kids yogurt cake recipe, quick & easy, a homecooking staple for afternoon snacks. I use to add pears & chocolate.
Brownie au chocolat noir et au fruit de la passion

Passion Fruit and Chocolate Fudgy Brownie, with a French twist

My daughter’s beloved treat, so tasty, quick and easy that she makes it all the time. A French dessert with an American inspiration. Passion fruit gives a twist to the fudge dark chocolate brownie and seeds a crunchy texture.

Crêpes Recette de base et conseils

French Crepes Easy Recipe, Advices, Tips & Tricks

Crepes French-style thin pancakes. Batter easy recipe and advices, tips and tricks do make delicious crepes as in France. Topping suggestions
Cake banane chocolat

Chocolate Banana Bread

How do you use ripe bananas? At home, it’s banana cake with lots of chocolate chips. Kids love it. Great also for breakfast or at tea time.


Chouquette Choux Pastry

Chouquettes are tiny little airy pastries that everybody seems to come away from the bakery with and eat one after the other before you know it, the whole bag's gone. They are so tempting.

But have you ever imagined making them yourself?

Cannelés bordelais

Cannelés from Bordeaux Easy Recipe

Bordeaux don't only master wine. With an incredible flavor of rum and vanilla, cannelés, also known as cannelés bordelais as they come from Bordeaux, are among French most famous pastries.