Pumpkin soup with cream and gingerbread croutons

Pumpkin Soup with Gingerbread Croutons

Quick, easy squash soups with a twist: croutons of honey and spices gingerbread, pan fried in butter to become caramelized. Comforting and delicious.
Carbonade Northen France beef stew cooked in beer

Carbonade Beef and Beer Stew from Northern France

Classic French beef stew long cooked in beer, with onions and a few slices of gingerbread spread with Dijon mustard. Comforting and super easy.
Pear and foie gras with gingerbread breadcrumbs

Foie Gras with Pear in Verrines Individual Glasses

Fancy presentation in France for appetizer: verrines are sall individual glasses. Here pear compote, foie gras and gingerbread crumbs sprinkled on top.
French honey and spices gingerbread

Spices and Honey Gingerbread

No eggs left at home? And you want to bake a cake? Why not try this French version of gingerbread, which is actually more of a spice and honey cake than the traditional gingerbread. It does contain ginger, but not only.