quiche a=à la courgette et au maïs

Zucchini and Sweet Corn Pie

This savory tart is only made with vegetables and a quiche batter. No meat. All the flavors of sweet corn, and zucchini previously fried with olive oil.
Tarte de soleil aux épinards et à la ricotta

Tarte Soleil Sun Tart with Spinach and Ricotta


Ideal to be grabbed as an aperitif or even served as started, this gorgeous sun tart is generously garnished with spinach and ricotta cheese.

Quiche aux poireaux et au haddock fumé

Smoked Haddock and Leek Tart

This savory tart really changes from classic quiches. Smoked haddock flavours are incredible but not too strong. Here with leeks and onions but you can choose to bake this with other vegetables.

pâte à tarte au quinoa en deux ingrédients sans gluten

Quinoa Pie Crust in 2 Ingredients

Great for savory tarts or quiches, very tasty and healthy as this crust is gluten-free and with no fat. Here is how to make an incredible quinoa crust with only two ingredients, quinoa and egg (may be replaced for vegan version) and super easy to do. 

Tarte provençale aux trois poivrons

Bell Pepper Provencal Vegetarian Tart


Puff pastry covered with tomato sauce and red, yellow and green bell peppers. Vegetables are roasted with onion and garlic in olive oil and herbes de Provence. All the flavors of South France Provence in an easy and tasty tart.