Daube de bœuf provençale à l'orange

French Daube Provençale Beef Stew with Orange

Daube provençale de bœuf à l’orange. Almost like the iconic bœuf bourguignon, this beef stew from South France Provence is slow-cooked in red wine. I like to add orange for a modern twist.
Carbonade Northen France beef stew cooked in beer

Carbonade Beef and Beer Stew from Northern France

Classic French beef stew long cooked in beer, with onions and a few slices of gingerbread spread with Dijon mustard. Comforting and super easy.
Tendrons de veau aux carottes et au miel

Slow Cooked Pork Cheeks in Apple Cider

Slowly cooking meat in apple cider is a great idea. Meat becomes extremely soft and the sauce is a delight.

Gigot de sept heures à la cuillère

Slow Cooked Seven-Hour Leg of Lamb

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If one think of Easter traditional family meal, there's immediatly images of roast leg of lamb. Why not changing for the 7-hour recipe, slow cooked in the oven at low temperature? Quite long but very easy to make. The meat becomes so tender that you can even serve it with a tablespoon. Almost like a confit.

Osso bucco de veau à

Osso Bucco with Oranges

Composed of veal shank, slowly cooked in a white wine and tomato sauce stew, osso bucco tends to be eaten only by bone marrow amateurs even though it's a woderful dish.