Roast Cherry Tomatoes and Goat Cheese Tartines

Apéro like the French, with bread toasts (bruschettas, crostini) flavorful roast cherry tomatoes fresh goat cheese (or cream cheese).
salade de tomates fraîches et tomates provençales

Provençal and Fresh Tomatoes Mixed Salad

Two textures : flavorful fresh tomatoes and iconic tomates provençales, almost candied give a wonderful twist to this mixed salad.
Tian provençal de légumes d'été

Summer Vegetables Provençal Tian

All the of flavors of South-France Provence in this elegant and delicious vegetal dish. With my secrets for well cooked and and not dry vegetables.
Ratatouille traditionnelle, légumes provençaux

Easy French Ratatouille (Summer Vegetable Stew)

Here is how to make the perfect ratatouille, ine iconic mediterranean vegetable stew, a dish the French love to cook in spring and summer.
Soupe froide betterave et concombre, pesto à l’épinard

Chilled Beetroot and Cucumber Soup, Served with Pesto

You’ll see, it’s surprising how you can taste both flavors of beetroot and cucumber! The sweetness and smooth texture of this soup is balanced by a homemade baby spinach pesto ( that may be replaced by basil pesto).
quiche a=à la courgette et au maïs

Zucchini and Sweet Corn Pie

This savory tart is only made with vegetables and a quiche batter. No meat. All the flavors of sweet corn, and zucchini previously fried with olive oil.
Soupe froide de melon à la menthe

Chilled Melon and Mint Soup

A summer staple so quick and easy to prepare. Mint does bring even more fresh hint to this soup, tastier served chilled. Great to sip with a drink in shot glasses before dinner or as first course. 

Tarte provençale aux trois poivrons

Bell Pepper Provencal Vegetarian Tart


Puff pastry covered with tomato sauce and red, yellow and green bell peppers. Vegetables are roasted with onion and garlic in olive oil and herbes de Provence. All the flavors of South France Provence in an easy and tasty tart.

Watercress soup

Watercress Soup with Zucchini and Turmeric

A confort soup, with zucchini instead of potatoes thus starch free, very tasty with the characteristic flavors of watercress and turmeric. A very tasty and healthy dish.

Sauce apéritif dip aux poivrons

Red Bell Pepper Dip

A quick and easy recipe, great with a drink as an appetizer spread on bread toasts or as a dip with raw vegetables strips.

salade de haricots verts sauce aux œufs durs

Green Beans Mixed Salad, French Dressing with Hard-boiled Eggs

When green beans are fresh and tasty, why not proposing a simple mixed salad, with a little twist in the dressing? I propose to include hard-boiled eggs.

Samousa de concombre

Cucumber and Goat Cheese Samosas


Cubed cucumber fried in olive oiled seasoned with flavorful pepper, and fresh goat cheese wrapped in filo pastry. Those delicious one bite appetizers are both crispy, crunchy and sweet at the same time.

sauce tomate à l'aubergine express

Tomato and Eggplant Light Sauce

This delicious sauce can be a side to meat or fish, or be served with pasta. Very quick to prepare and light as well as there is no fat, no olive oil.

Crudités courgettes marinées à l’huile d’olive et au citron

Zucchini Marinated in Lemon Juice

Raw zucchinis, marinated. This is quite an unusual preparation. Yet it’s very fresh and tasty. A perfect vegan dish.


Cherry Tomatoes and Chive Flan

What’s great with flans, clafoutis and even tarts is that, from a simple base - just mixing eggs with milk or cream - you can do all kind of delicious savory dishes.

French classic Provencal tomatoes from South-France Provence

Provencal Tomatoes, almost Candied

Tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and herbs. That's all. All the flavors of South France in a single recipe.

Poivrons marinés en salade

Marinated Bell Peppers

Roasted, peeled then marinated in olive oil, baslamic vinegar, spices and herbs. Those marinated red and green bell peppers are a delight and they can be used in many different ways.