Tarte rustique aux pêches et aux groseilles

Peach and Redcurrant Galette

Idéal pour les apéros, buffets ou même en déjeuner rapide, ces tartines à l'avocat sont relevées par des crevettes marinées au curry. Un délice.
Tarte à la framboise crémeux au citron vert

Raspberry tart with light lime cream filling

A very fresh red fruits tart with a little twist. A crunchy shortcrust pastry, an ultra light and aerated lime whipped cream and delicious fresh raspberries. This tart is very elegant and delicious.

Tarte au citron sans meringue

French Lemon Tart

Lemon tart might be one of French's favorite desert. This is an extremely quick recipe that enhance lemon flavor without being too acidic and without meringue's sugary taste.
It's kind of the French Key Lime Pie.

Tarte tatin traditionnelle

Tarte Tatin Apple Pie

A Caramelized Upside-Down Apple Pie
The French Tarte Tatin is a traditional apple pie with a twist: it's cooked upside down, apples down below and pastry up top, and flipped onto the presentation dish while it's still hot. This way the apples are slow-cooked in caramel, which makes them soft and flavorsome, while the pastry remains crispy. Why upside down? What a strange idea!!