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Discover a selection of simple and original recipes featuring tomatoes, the star of Provençal cuisine that I love: from pan-fried tomatoes, ratatouille or tian to pies or salads. Whether raw or cooked, whole or in sauce, the possibilities with tomatoes are endless and often explored in South French cuisine!

Botanically speaking, the tomato is the fruit (of the nightshade family) but in cooking, it is often treated as a vegetable as it is grown in vegetable gardens and often consumed in savoury dishes.

Nutritionally, the tomato is a true superfood filled with benefits. With a high water concentration (93%), it is ideal for hydrating while being low in calories (15 kcal/100 g). With only 2.26g of carbohydrates and 1.2g of fibre, it has a low glycemic index of 15 when raw (35-40 when cooked).

To preserve their flavours, it is recommended not to put them in the refrigerator because the cold can alter their taste and aroma.