pascadou beignet aux feuilles de blette et fines herbes

Pascadou, French Swiss Chard & Herbs Pancakes

Flavordul pancakes from South France, with fresh herbs (parsley and chives) and green vegetables, to serve as a side, a starter or even an appetizer.
Soupe poireaux pommes de terre façon Chef Bernard Loiseau

Leek and Potato Soup from Chef Bernard Loiseau

A soup, two textures, tender leeks in a smooth potato soup, nicely flavored by leek cooking juices and chicken broth. Without bacon for a vegetarian soup.
oven roast chicken with sweet potatoes and onion

French Sunday Roast Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

Sunday oven-roasted chicken is a tradition in France. Here with a nice twist: on a bed of sweet potatoes instead of potatoes. It gets a bit caramelized. Delicious…
Pumpkin soup with cream and gingerbread croutons

Pumpkin Soup with Gingerbread Croutons

Quick, easy squash soups with a twist: croutons of honey and spices gingerbread, pan fried in butter to become caramelized. Comforting and delicious.
Classic French onion soup with bread and broiled cheese

Classic French Broiled Onion Soup Soupe à l’oignon

Here is how to make the classic French broiled Soupe à l'oignon. Comforting caramelized onions cooked in broth, decadant broiled cheese on baguette. The best ever.
pâtes aux lardons et comme champignon des girolles

Pasta with Girolle Mushrooms and Bacon

Pasta served with flavorful creamy mushrooms. Girolles (or any other mushrooms) are first sautéed with shallots and bacon, then a touch of cream is added.
Velouté de légumes au haddock fumé

Vegetables Soup with Smoked Haddock

Tasty and creamy soup, vegetables being mixed with the milk in which smoked haddock have been poached. A bit of fish in the soup, do you like the idea?
Quiche aux poireaux et au haddock fumé

Smoked Haddock and Leek Tart

This savory tart really changes from classic quiches. Smoked haddock flavours are incredible but not too strong. Here with leeks and onions but you can choose to bake this with other vegetables.

crumble de poisson et légumes au lait de coco

Fish and vegetable crumble pie with coconut milk

This is a daily home cooking dish and an nice way to present fish. My kids love it. Cod cooked in coconut milk becomes very soft and tasty. With vegetables and a crisp breadcrumb crumble topping ... An easy thus amazing dish.

Crème de chou-fleur à la poire et à la Fourme d'Ambert

Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Pear and Blue Cheese


A very tasty and smooth cream that can be served either as a side with beef or poultry for example or as a soup, depending on how much cooking water you add. A perfect dish for cheese lovers. 

Soupe de lentilles corail et carottes aux épices

Red Lentils and Carrot Soup

Easy, flavorful and comforting smooth soup with carrots and red lentils (super healthy and rich in protein), perfect for chilly days. With a spicy kick and a nice topping.
soupe bouillabaisse du pauvre, sans poisson

Vegetable Bouillabaisse Soup


A bouillabaisse in South France is supposed to be a fish stew. This vegetarian version is cooked in a particular way so that you have the feeling of eating Provence mythic bouillabaisse fish soup. It might come from the use of saffron, or because vegetables are first sauté in olive oil.

Grated carrots inspired from French chef Alain Passard

Grated Carrot Salad with Sweet and Sour Dressing


The great combination of lime’s acidity and honey’s sweetness works very well with grated carrots and sultanas salad. An easy recipe inspired by French chef Alain Passard.

Salade endives pomme et fromage Comté

French Mixed Endive Salad with Apple, Cheese and Walnuts


An easy, quick to prepare and healthy mixed salad, often prepared by French families. 

Tartiflette au reblochon de Savoie

Tartiflette, French Alps Reblochon Cheese Casserole


The French just love traditional dishes made of melted creamy cheese with potatoes and deli meat. Among those, tartiflette is the perfect meal in winter! Called gratin in French, it's made of potatoes, reblochon cheese and bacon.

Velouté de fânes de carottes

Carrot Top Soup

What a pitty to throw away carrot tops. Why don't you try to cook them, in a soup for example. Of course ideal with organic vegetables.
Fondue d’oignons

Caramelized Onions

This onion stew or confit, almost caramelized, can be served as a side to any kind of savory dish or even be added to your preparations, such as savory custard or tarts.

French classic potato gratin

French Classic Potato Gratin

This is one of the most traditional French side for any kind of meal, from daily simple lunch to fancy dinner. Easy recipe explained step by step in photo

Button Mushroom Soup

A smooth button mushroom soup served with smoked duck filet chips and roasted pine nuts. The French call button mushrooms Champignon de Paris lit Mushroom from Paris.

salade de fenouil l'orange

Fennel and Orange Salad

October. Fennel is about to disappear from the shelves of our favorite markets who respect seasons, and juicy oranges sneak up. It's the ideal moment to prepare this delicious fresh salad. It's light and full of vitamins.