Your Top 15 Favorite French Recipes in 2022

Here are the most popular recipes from my blog in it’s English language version. Maybe you’ll find some of your favorites or some you already made.

I’m thrilled you are each year more visitors here with a bit less than 2 million visits in 2022 which means more than 5000 sessions per day. Wow! C’est incroyable! I want to thank you all for your interest in my recipes.

top 15 french recipes of the year 2022

Running a food blog is quite time-consuming. From recipe creation, shopping, cooking with often several tests to provide the best recipe, tasting (the best part!), cleaning up, shooting and editing, blog post with recipe directions, detailed information with SEO optimization, and whenever possible digging in my books on French gastronomy to tell you the story behind… then finally clicking on the post button. When I think the job is done then comes social media and newsletter! The ads you see are here to cover my costs but not enough yet to make an income.

Running My Parisian Kitchen is also a real pleasure and gives me the possibility to share my love of French food and build a community of France and food lovers. Thank you so much for following my foodie journey in Paris here on the blog and social media. Merci for your feedback and your kind words. It means a lot to me and encourages m to share even more. Merci beaucoup à vous.

When I look at 2022, I fell like I haven’t shared the third of what I wanted to. Blog redesign and technical optimization done in the first half of 2022 took a lot of time on top of a busy year at my office (I also work full-time). In 2023 will be the second part of the blog optimization with work on content. I will definitely post much more recipes, focusing on traditional French dishes with the story behind and daily and easy home cooking.

So here are the Top 15 recipes + 1 article actually at position 3. You’ll find many desserts and among savory dishes mostly home cooking with quiche Lorraine, savory loaf, gratin Dauphinois, tartiflette…

First an article on French culinary traditions

Actually at rank number 3 in page views, this article is more a kind of guide to explain what a traditional Christmas menu is like in France with dishes and drinks that are typically served..

1- Oatmeal crumble topping

Oatmeal Crumble Topping
Oatmeal will give an incredible crunchy texture to your fruit crumbles. Combine all ingredients, that’s all. Put fruits in a baking pan cover with the crumble topping and bake.
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oatmeal crumble dough

2- Cherry clafoutis

Easy French Cherry Clafoutis
French clafoutis aux cerises. Learn how to make a perfect clafoutis, the classic homecooking treat the French love to bake when cherries season comes.
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French iconic dessert easy cherry clafoutis

3- Molten chocolate fondant

Molten Chocolate Fondant
Or should I name it lava cake? Absolutely decadent with warm rich runny center and so chic. For chocolate lovers who want to eat like the French. 5 ingredients only, super quick and easy and so tasty. Foo proof recipe from Chef Felder and the story behind this iconic French dessert.
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French chocolate fondant lava cake

4- Flambéed crêpes Suzette

Crepes Suzette Flambé, Recipe and Story
Prepare crêpe batter and left to rest. Prepare Sueztte sauce. Cook crêpes and cover them with in the sauce before serving.
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crepe suzette flambéed recipe

5- Tartiflette

Tartiflette, French Apls Reblochon Cheese Casserole
traditional dishes made of melted creamy cheese (Reblochon cheese) with potatoes and deli meat. The perfect meal in winter! It's made of potatoes, reblochon cheese and bacon. Delicious with a glass of wine ad a green salad.
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tartiflette traditionnelle au reblochon de Savoie

6- Waffle

Gaufres French Waffles
This is the perfect recipe for light waffles both fluffy inside and and crisp outside. For kids breakfast or snacks … but not only! Heat milk with butter, salt and sugar. Pour on the flour and combine. Add whipped egg whites and cook.
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Gaufres French Waffles

7- Christmas roasted capon

Roasted Capon with Chestnuts and Winter Vegetables
Cook capon in the oven the French traditional way at Christmas, with winter vegetables and chestnuts. I give you cooking tips for very tender meat.
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chapon rôti aux légumes d'hiver pour le repas de Noël

8- Quiche lorraine

The Ultimate Quiche Lorraine
Here is how to cook a perfect quiche Lorraine, a great classic of French home cooking, maybe the most famous French dish in the world. Very easy and quick to prepare and so tasty with a creamy filling and a crispy crust. T Make the pie crust. Blind bake / pre-bake it. Prepare filling and bake.
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Quiche lorraine traditionnelle

9- Chocolate mousse

(Mousse au chocolat) French dark Chocolate Mousse
The ultimate French light and fluffy chocolate mousse (mousse au chocolat). Decadent! Super quick and easy with only two ingredients. Melt chocolate, combine with egg yolks. Whip egg whites and fold in. Refrigerate.
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Homemade french Mousse au chocolat Chocolate Mousse

10- Slow cooked 7-hour leg of lamb

Slow Cooked Seven-Hour Leg of Lamb
If one think of Easter traditional family meal, there’s immediatly images of roast leg of lamb. Why not changing for the 7-hour recipe, slow cooked in the oven at low temperature? Quite long but very easy to make. The meat becomes so tender that you can even serve it with a tablespoon. Almost like a confit.
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Gigot de sept heures à la cuillère

11- Roasted bel pepper savory loaf

Roasted Bell Pepper Savory Loaf
You’ll taste South France Provence flavors in this easy savory bread, perfect for a quick lunch. Roasted bell peppets, ham and a batter, that’s all. Pan fry bell pepper with olive oil. Prepare the batter, add bell peppers and bacon then bake.
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cake salé trois poivrons et lardons

12- Garlic purée

Garlic Purée
Separate garlic bulbs in cloves, boil them 5 times, remove the skin and mix.
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Purée d’aïl Selon la recette du Chef Bernard Loiseau

13- Potato gratin

French Classic Potato Gratin
This is an absolute classic of French cuisine, traditional side for any kind of main dish. I explain step by step in photos how to master this recipe.
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French classic potato gratin

14- White asparagus pan-fried with wild garlic

Pan-fried White Asparagus with Wild Garlic
Two spring produces that goes very well together. Here pan-fried to change the steamed or boiled usual preparation of asparagus. Heat oli-butter, peel asparagus. Pan fry, that's all.
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asperges blanches poêlées à l'ail des ours

15- Peach Melba

Peach Melba, Traditional French Recipe
Simply infuse peaches in a vanilla syrup and serve with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce. A delight! I give you the original recipe as created by French Famous Chef Auguste Escoffier and tell you why it’s called Melba.
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Pêche Melba