Orange and Poppy Seeds cake

Cake à l'orange et aux graines de pavot

I’ve always wanted to bake a cake with poppy seeds. Often seen in lemon cakes, I wanted to give a twist to another flavor. Orange season was ideal, so here is my new recipe. With a syrup to be super-moist.

Vegetables Soup with Smoked Haddock

Vegetables Soup with Smoked Haddock

A very tasty and creamy soup, vegetables being mixed with the milk in which smoked haddock have been poached. To serve as a starter, the soup then becomes very festive, or as a complete dish. A little bit of fish in the soup, do you like the idea?

Moist Lemon Loaf Cake

Moist Lemon Loaf Cake

This cake is ultra-moist and lemony, because that's how we LOVE it at home. The secrets? A little bit of cream or yoghurt in the dough and lemon syrup poured over the cake when still hot.

Chorizo flan small bites

Chorizo flan small bites for appetizer, baked in cannelé molds

A flan is like a quiche but without pastry on the buttom. Thus just eggs and cream, with chorizo cubes. To grab with a drink at apéro appetizer beloved moment, with freinds or family.

Oatmeal and Orange Biscuits

Oatmeal, Orange and Cinnamon or Nutmeg Biscuit, biscotti, rusk

Biscuit (or rusk, biscottis) with no dairy product, nor fat. And gluten free. Biscuit means baked twice to be stored longer. Here nicely flavoured with orange and nutmeg or cinnamon. Ideal for afternoon tea or breakfast. Quick and easy.

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