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About My Parisian Kitchen, the food blog where I share French recipes and stories behind and a bit about me

Bonjour! Welcome to My Parisian Kitchen.

I’m Florence, I’m a French woman, born and raised in a small town of French Alps now living in Paris (more precisely just in between Paris and Versailles Palace). I just love cooking; you might have guessed that. I’ve always cooked a lot, from a kid baking cakes with my mum, as a student the one designated to prepare feasts, as a mum inventing delights for my 3 daughters or a great dinner to gather family or friends. Little by little cooking, inventing recipes, searching for the best ingredients and focusing on local and seasonal produces became part of my daily life.

French home cooking is not a fancy nor sophisticated cuisine, so far away from French chef’s cuisine. Ingredients and produces are kings. Quick and easy, rustic, comforting and indulgent food is my daily go-to. For me, cooking is a great pleasure as well as a way of discovering, creating, giving, sharing and bringing conviviality, good time with people.  It’s amazing for the French to see how French cuisine fascinates and seems so difficult for foreigners, so far away from reality. I’ll hope you’ll be convinced of this while going through the pages of this blog.

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A few years ago, after becoming friendly with a Japanese mother who was forever asking me questions on food and France, we decided that the best and the more practical way to answer her question was to start cooking lessons. While I stopped working to take care of my 3 young girls, I gave cooking and baking lessons for many Japanese ladies living in Paris with the idea of going further than just listing the necessary ingredients and showing method and echniques. Each lesson was filled with all kinds of explanations on the history, the produces, the customs…

It was a great experience and made me want to start this food blog to share more on French food, gastronomy and lifestyle. I’m sure that many of you, wherever you may be, are also interested in getting a better understanding on cooking and learning stories behind French dishes and traditions. I’m convinced that we remember and absorb better if we have fully understood what we’ve done and why we’ve done it, and if our interest has been piqued. Then we’re able to make recipes or techniques our own, to talk about what we’ve cooked and go further than just reproducing.

Therefore, for most recipes, I will try to tell you stories, explaining the origin of the dish, the region, the culinary custom, the produce and products… You will find both easy and quick to prepare every day recipes and a few more sophisticated ones. Regional dishes (sometimes a bit rustic!) or well-known classic, sometimes with a modern twist and more actual dishes.

I always try to make them very easy to read, understand and execute, with step by step instructions or explanations for specific difficulties or basics you should know.

My Parisian Kitchen is a bilingual blog for those of you who, in France or elsewhere are interested in cooking, be it French or otherwise

I’ve started the blog about 4 years ago now. There’ll be more recipes as time goes. So let’s keep in touch. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or if there is a specific subject you would like to read about. Follow My Parisian Kitchen on social medias Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, subscribe to the newsletter, share the link to you friends and give me your feedback on my recipes (by sharing for example your dishes on social media with the hashtag #myparisiankitchen or commenting.


2022 Blog update: New design

  • New colors, blue orange and beige,
  • Print friendly recipe cards, easy to read, with check boxes helping you to follow the recipe adjustable servings and upcomming unit conversion from the French metric system to US customary (recipes are however imagined using the metric system therefore it might not always makes figures in cups or oz). The article on conversion and measures is still there if needed. New recipe will have his, older ones will be upgraded little by little.
  • There is a nice recipe index to find recipes by type of dish and occasion.
  • The glossary of French cooking and pastry terms is still there and will be developed in the coming months.
  • The French gastronomy part have its own page now and will be developed and I have many contents in the French version that I need to translate.
  • I’ll soon share my foodblogger’s experiences: cooking workshops, press events, lunches in Michelin 1 to 3 star restaurant…
  • Finally, I’ll share from now inputs on France and French lifestyle from a foodie point of view. I’m starting soon a series on different aspects of French art de vivre and will make you discover France (Paris and the lovely countryside) and French beauties. The first upcoming article will be on how to order coffee in France. Then I’ll dig into how to buy croissant and pain au chocolat, the best places in Paris to by macaroons… I have so many ideas in my mind and things I’d like to share with you. So stay tuned.

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