Interview for the Podcast La vie créative

Florence the food blogger behind My Parisian Kitchen Interviewed on the podcast La vie creative

Interview for La Vie Creative podcast on my story and cooking journey, how I started the blog My Parisian Kitchen as well as French cuisine and creativity

Krystal Kenney is the fantastic photographer behind Miss Paris Photo and host of the podcast La vie Créative.
In her podcast, she interviews creatives that have a story linked to France, may they be photograph, artist, author, actor… or chef like me.

It will take you 30 minutes to listen to my creative journey and know a bit more about me… and also hear my “lovely ?” French accent.
The name of the podcast ins in French but don’t worry, the podcast is in English.

In this episode of La vie creative podcast, we talked about:

  • my story, how my passion about cooking and all things French cuisine and French gastronomy related grew years after years,
  • how I gave twice cooking lessons to Japanese expats in France
  • how I started this French and English language food blog dedicated to French cuisine
  • what I would like you to understand on French cooking, the difference between the image of French cuisine and real French home cooking
  • my creative journey and processes
  • and many more things.

I hope that you’ll find this inspiring, or at least informative.
If you want to know more about me and check my services on those two articles as well as read my other interview in The National Geographic Traveller.

Tune in to Episode 338 of La vie creative on Krystal’s website, Spotify, Apple ITunes and Google podcast to hear what Krystal called my flavorful journey.

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