pâte à tarte au quinoa en deux ingrédients sans gluten

Great for savory tarts or quiches, very tasty and healthy as this crust is gluten-free and with no fat. Here is how to make an incredible quinoa crust with only two ingredients, quinoa and egg (may be replaced for vegan version) and super easy to do.

How about changing from traditional pie crust? To have different flavors, reduce flour’s gluten or low fat for example. Or because there are lots of proteins in quinoa. Or simply because this is incredibly easy and quick to prepare, and so tasty !

The recipe is just precooked quinoa mixed with a beaten egg. The quinoa I used is a blend of red and white quinoa (with spices already included) but you may choose your usual quinoa and add flavor to the crust by for example :

  • cooking quinoa in water with vegetable broth
  • adding the spices of your choice, or a tea spoon of flavored mustard to the preparation
  • adding grated cheese (such as cheddar or parmesan) is also great

And for a vegan crust, replace egg by a bit of olive oil (then it’s nice to add mustard or cheese).

Quinoa Pie or tart Crust, gluten free & no fatQuinoa Pie or tart Crust, gluten free & no fatQuinoa Pie or tart Crust, gluten free & no fat


Preparation time: 5 mn
Baking time: 12 + 20 mn
Quantity: a tart ou 6-8 individual tarts
Specific equipment: none


200 gr quinoa
1 large egg

Optional: vegetable broth, grated cheese, olive oil, fragrant mustard, spices


Cook and drain quinoa. Add a beaten egg and fill tart mold then bake. That’s all.


Start by cooking quinoa in water according to the instructions indicated (generally 12 min). Drain immediately.

Preheat your oven to 170 °C.

Once the quinoa is well drained, pour it into a bowl.

Beat an egg and combine with quinoa. The idea is to moisten the preparation so that quinoa seeds won’t fall appart.

Greace and flour a (ideally metal) tart mold or set in parchment paper. Fill the bottom and the edges with an homogeneous layer of quinoa preparation. Press well with your fingers or the back of a table spoon.

Cover with greaseproof paper and fill in with baking weights and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes. A few minutes before the end, remove the weights and paper, cook again for a few minutes.

Garnish and serve or bake again until filling is cooked.

 Quinoa Pie or tart Crust, gluten free & no fatQuinoa Pie or tart Crust, gluten free & no fatQuinoa Pie or tart Crust, gluten free & no fat


Quinoa Pie or tart Crust, gluten free & no fat

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