French Desserts with Pear and Chocolate

French desserts with pears and chocolate. Easy recipes

Pear and chocolate are the best association for many elegant and flavorful desserts such as cakes, crumbles, clafoutis, tarts, puddings, jams…

This ingredient association might be one of the French favorites, combining the natural sweetness of juicy pears with the rich, velvety taste of chocolate, creating a unique flavor profile that is balanced and harmonious, and both indulgent and refreshing.

The history of pear chocolate dates back to the 17th century, when chocolate was first introduced to Europe.
At that time, chocolate was a luxury item that was only enjoyed by the wealthy. Pears, on the other hand, were a common fruit that was grown throughout Europe.

It was in the 19th century that the combination of pear and chocolate became popular. French pastry chefs began using pears in their chocolate desserts, and the trend quickly spread throughout Europe.
One of the most famous examples is the iconic poached pears and chocolate sauce poires belle Hélène.

Today, pear chocolate is a beloved flavor combination that can be found in many different types of desserts and confections.

French classic dessert

Poires Belle Hélène – French classic Poached pears & chocolate dessert
Absolutely decadent, melting warm chocolate sauce dripping over flavorful poached pears and yummy vanilla ice cream is my idea of what the French call gourmandise.
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Pears Belle-Hélène Classic French dessert
Clafoutis with chocolate and pear
If you are a clafoutis lover as I am, or a chocolate addict, this recipe is for you. Super easy and quick to prepare, with some pears to make this French iconic dessert even more decadent.
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Chocolate and pear French clafoutis

Cakes with pears and chocolate

Moist and Indulgent Chocolate and Pear Cake
A sumptuous moist chocolate and pear cake. The quintessence of indulgence, featuring rich French chocolate fondant and stunning perfectly arranged fresh pear slices.
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Ultra moist chocolate cake with pears. French fancy and decadent recipe
My Childhood’s Yogurt Cake with Pears and Chocolate
This is a cake that the French kids make all the time. Tasted 100s of times this is the ultimate French yogurt cake recipe, quick & easy. My trick: I use to add pears and dark chocolate. Combine all ingredients using the yogurt pot to measure. Drain pears and chop chocolate into chips and add them in the batter. Bake.
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gâteau au yaourt à la poire et au chocolat
Pear and Chocolate Cake with Chestnut Flour (Gluten Free)
Delicious combination of pear and chocolate, flavors enhanced by chestnut floor, thus gluten free. Prepare the cake, soak in pears cut into strips, sprinkle chocolate chips and bake.
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gâteau à la farine de châtaigne, poire et chocolat
Chocolate Charlotte with Pears and Crispy Maltesers
This charlotte is a quick and easy to prepare chocolate cake with a creamy chocolate mousse, soft pears and crispy Maltesers balls.
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Charlotte au chocolat et à la poire avec des billes croustillantes Maltesers

Other recipes to adapt with pears or chocolate

Chocolate Mousse with Caramelized Apples
Just imagine. A dark chocolate mousse with surprises inside: apples cubes caramelized with brown sugar and cinnamon. Are you tempted? A gourmet dessert ! The French would say très gourmand.
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Mousse au chocolat avec des cubes de pomme caramélisés à la cannelle

The French just love serving chocolate mousse, prepared in a few minutes with only two ingredients, chocolate and eggs. There are many ways to make even more decadent desserts, adding for example fruit in. This recipes can be adapted with pears instead of apples that you will sauté in a pan with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.

French Crepes with Pears and Caramel Sauce
How do you prefer your crepes? How about perfect light batter for thin crepes with pears and a decadant salted butter caramel sauce (here without cream)? Easy, quick. A delight.
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Crêpes sauce aux poires au caramel au beurre salé

If you like French cooking, then crêpes are a must try. Crepes are so quick and easy to make, check my foolproof recipes with many tips. Instead of the caramel here, sauté pears with bitter and melt chocolate, the perfect topping for crêpes.

Banana and Chocolate Cake
How do you use ripe bananas? At home, try this banana cake with lots of chocolate chips. Kids love it. Great also for breakfast or at tea time.
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Cake banane chocolat

This recipe is the cake I bake almost once or twice a month for my daughters, they like it so much. I’ve done it substituting banana for pears. Why don’t you try ?

best french dessert recipes with pears and chocolate
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