Crudités courgettes marinées à l’huile d’olive et au citron

Raw zucchinis, marinated. This is quite an unusual preparation. Yet it’s very fresh and tasty. A perfect vegan dish.

Have you ever eaten raw zucchinis? Well, actually, zucchinis are not completely raw, as they are marinated in olive oil and lemon juice. Zucchinis get tender and lemon juice gives a hint, slightly acidic.

You can serve this preparation alone as a starter (you may sprinkle over Parmesan shavings, nuts or pine nuts), into a mixed salad, or on toasts as an appetizer: with for example cream cheese combined with the spice of your taste, spread on a slice of bread with those marinated zucchinis on top.

I think chives work best with in this recipe but if you prefer, you may choose other aromatic herbs such as basil, mint or coriander.

Zucchini Marinated in Lemon Juice and Olive Oil


Zucchini Marinated in Lemon Juice and Olive Oil






Preparation time: 10 min
Resting time: 24 hours
Quantity: 4 shares
Specific equipment: none


2 zucchinis
1/2 bunch chives
2 table spoons olive oil
2 table spoons lemon juice
Salt and pepper


Prepare zucchinis, chives and marinade. Combine and let marinate for 24 hours before serving.


First prepare zucchinis. Wash them and cut both ends. With a peeler, remove any damaged skin areas and thicker skin parts. Cut zucchinis into thin strips with a knife or a mandolin. Chop chives.

In a bowl, mix olive oil and lemon. Add salt and pepper. Add zucchinis and chives. Combine.

Cover and let it marinate in the fridge for 24 hours.

Serve chilled as mentionned before.

Zucchini Marinated in Lemon Juice and Olive Oil




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