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Salmon, with its culinary versatility, offers a multitude of options to delight your taste buds! Raw, smoked, poached, grilled, cooked on one side; whole, steak; this fish offers easy adaptations to a variety of recipes, from the simplest and quickest to the most original.

Once considered a luxury dish, salmon has become more popular over the decades. This fish is often prepared in France, notably near the coasts. The good news is that we can now enjoy it more easily and frequently. However, there is a significant amount of metal pollution that affects wild salmon flesh, and results in the sometimes poor quality of farmed salmon food.
To choose the right salmon, choose the Red or organic labels. For smoked salmon, unless you make it at home as I suggest here, check that it is smoked with real wood.

So let’s start cooking, to prepare the salmon as an appetizer, in rillettes, in tartare, in quiche… Without forgetting the smoked salmon and the gravlax salmon, plain or with beetroot.